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Links to a selection of my published articles:

The common good: Allowing all to flourish and be fulfilled (EthicsDaily, 18 Dec 2014)

Aligning our lives with God’s Kingdom (EthicsDaily, 13 Nov 2014)

Faith and politics: Dismantling Stevenson’s dominionist conspiracy (ABC Religion & Ethics, 19 Sep 2011)

Ethical arguments against same-sex marriage laws (ABC Religion & Ethics, 20 May 2011)

Christians flex their political muscle (Online Opinion, 24 Mar 2011)

Religious perspectives on embryo donation and research (Clinical Research, March 2010)

Religious freedom and the secular state (Online Opinion, 24 Mar 2009)

Onward Christian voters (Online Opinion, 30 Nov 2007)

The Australian Christian political lobby comes of age (Online Opinion, 3 Sep 2007)

John and Mal’s excellent emergency (Online Opinion, 27 Aug 2007)

Cluster bombs and Australia’s national interest (ABC The Drum, 25 Jun 2007)

An election, a million marchers and a mass murder (Online Opinion, 7 May 2007)

Does Jesus love Osama? (Online Opinion, 8 Feb 2007)

The church’s witness in politics and society (Online Opinion, 2 Mar 2006)

Religious perspectives on withdrawal of treatment from patients with multiple organ failure (Medical Journal of Australia, Dec 2005)

The sin of the Archbishop (Online Opinion, 28 Nov 2005)

WorkChoices: talk about separation of church and state! (Online Opinion, 28 Oct 2005)

Canberra cracks down on terrorism (Online Opinion, 18 Oct 2005)

Women, the High Court, and the church (Online Opinion, 27 Sep 2005)

Anzac Day can change your life (Online Opinion, 25 Apr 2005)

Remembering John Paul II (Online Opinion, 8 Apr 2005)

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