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Rock the boats

Address at a forum on asylum seeker policy, Lake Joondalup Baptist Church, Perth, 21 September 2014 The Bible and refugees In debates about asylum seekers, Christians are often caught up in the groundswell of public opinion, and face the danger of allowing popular fears or political allegiances, rather than biblical […]

Australian Churches Refugees Taskforce launched

MEDIA RELEASE – 28 MAY 2013 New Australian Churches Refugees Taskforce  ignites rethinking in Parliament House during Budget Week After years of many small individual, largely ineffective voices, in the refugee ‘debate’, the Australian church is finally working and speaking together as one voice, operating as one body of Christ, and […]

Immigration and asylum and Baptists

Address by Rod Benson to a meeting of Encore, Morling College, Sydney 7 September 2012 The world today faces a global refugee crisis with up to 40 million displaced people, the majority of whom are women and children.  Australia currently accepts around 13,750 refugees each year as part of total planned […]

A way forward on asylum seekers

In the wake of the release of the report on asylum seekers by the Expert Panel appointed by the Gillard Government to chart a way forward for Australia’s immigration policy, there’s been a lot of talk but little genuine progress. The report recommendations are, on the whole, admirable, setting forth […]