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Speak out for the poor!

Formal Christian prayers are said at the opening of every parliament in Australia, but that is only a small part of the strong and legitimate Christian presence at the centre of our public life. On August 16, the NSW Parliamentary Prayer Fellowship held its annual luncheon at Parliament House, where […]

Challenges and opportunities facing Australian voters

Ethicist and Public Theologian, Tinsley Institute, Morling College, Sydney Christian Democratic Party National Convention Merroo, NSW, 9.30am Saturday 11 August 2012 Rev the Hon. Fred Nile MLC and other political leaders, my fellow ministers of religion, ladies and gentlemen: We live in interesting times, whether our outlook is political, economic, moral […]

School chaplaincy here to stay

On Monday Australia’s High Court ruled that the federal government’s direct funding model for the National School Chaplaincy Program is constitutionally invalid.  But the court also found that government funding of chaplaincy does not breach the principle of church-state separation, and other funding models are possible. The Howard Government introduced […]

Churches forced to marry gay couples

Recent concerns that proposed changes to marriage legislation would inevitably lead to churches being forced to marry same sex couples were highlighted this week after homosexual couples in Denmark won the right to marry in church. In 1989 Denmark was the first country in the world to offer civil unions […]

Many different kinds of Baptists

Extract from a column by Martyn E. Marty, “American Baptists,” Sightings, 24 October 2011, published by the Martin Marty Center at the University of Chicago Divinity School: … Notre Dame’s Mark Noll, who knows as much as anyone about this subject, wrote in the July-August issue of Books & Culture magazine, […]