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Reflection for Good Friday

Novelist Peter De Vries wrote The Blood of the Lamb about his eleven-year-old daughter, Carol, who died of leukaemia. At the children’s pavilion in the New York hospital the book’s main character, Wanderhope, gets to know other parents going through similar ordeals, including the jaded Stein, who announced, “The future […]

Festive bun brawl

Broadcast on 2CH Sydney, 13 Jan 2013. Last weekend, perhaps because it was a slow news week, several media organisations ran stories on an alleged “unholy row” or “festive brawl” over the earlier-than-usual sale of hot cross buns. Major supermarket chains began rolling out the traditional Easter fare more than […]

An Easter poem by Steve Turner

Have you ever wondered why shops often feature nativity scenes in the lead-up to Christmas, but not crucifixion scenes at Easter?  Poet Steve Turner has thought about this, and here’s what he had to say: Christmas is really for the children. Especially for children who like animals, stables, stars and […]

Why was the death of Jesus unique?

Sermon preached by Rod Benson, Good Friday, 28 March 1997 Alexander the Great once found his philosopher friend Diogenes standing in a field, looking intently at a large pile of bones.  Asked what he was doing, the old man turned to Alexander and replied, “I am searching for the bones […]

The cross is not enough

Ross Clifford, the new President of the NSW Council of Churches, and known to many 2CH listeners as a long-time Sunday night talkback host, has a new book out, co-authored with Philip Johnson, with an intriguing title: The Cross is Not Enough. The book explores how the resurrection of Jesus […]