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The moral case for sustainability

Broadcast on 2CH, Sunday 27 Jan 2013. A recent study has found that encouraging people to adopt ecologically sustainable behaviours based on the moral rather than economic case may be more effective. The Guardian newspaper reports that in an experiment conducted at a Dutch petrol station, researchers compared two messages aimed […]

Care (sermon)

Psalm 104; Genesis 1:26-28; Isaiah 65:17-25; Revelation 22:12-15, 20-21   The world you in which you and I woke up this morning is an astonishing and awe-inspiring place.  It is a wonderfully balanced biosystem.  It has the capacity to provide resources of untold variety for us to consume, to continually […]

We are living beyond our means

A new publication from the Australian Collaboration by Ian McAuley, titled The Australian Economy: Will Our Prosperity Be Short-Lived? points out the dangers of living off our natural resources without regard to their destruction. Unsustainable farming practices have dumped soils and nutrients in rivers and the sea, scarred the land […]

Slim hopes for Rio summit outcomes

Political leaders from around the world descended on Rio de Janeiro earlier this month to discuss the future of the planet in the light of dangerous climate change predictions and concerns about scarce resources and sustainability. Speaking ahead of the summit, Columbia University professor Jeffrey Sachs pleaded for grass-roots action […]

The search for habitable planets

Now for something out of this world.  Australian astronomers announced this week that finding planets outside our solar system capable of sustaining life should be made a top funding priority. Since the first discovery of a planet orbiting another star was made in 1995, the number of exoplanets has skyrocketed […]