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Who funds the tobacco industry?

Broadcast on 2CH Sydney, 13 Jan 2013. Despite tobacco advertising bans, restrictions on the display and sale of tobacco products, graphic health warnings designed to convey the ugly truth about the negative effects of smoking, and most recently the introduction of plain packaging, many consumers continue smoking. But it’s not […]

Preventing HIV/AIDS infections

It’s 30 years since the AIDS epidemic first came to public attention, and people began falling ill, and dying, as a result of what was – and is – a disease largely spread through promiscuous sexual intercourse. Today AIDS is treatable, but still incurable, and the challenge facing health professionals […]

The NT Intervention turns four

This week marked the fourth anniversary of the former Coalition Government’s Northern Territory Intervention, which suspended the Racial Discrimination Act, banned alcohol and pornography in selected Northern Territory communities, compulsorily acquired land, and compulsorily managed the incomes of Indigenous people in 73 communities. These unprecedented actions were the Howard Government’s […]

More child and maternal health aid

On Wednesday (23 June 2011) I attended a Micah Challenge breakfast at Federal Parliament where Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd commended Australian churches for their strong focus on justice, and assured us that Australia remains on track to meet its foreign aid target of 0.5 per cent of Gross National Income by […]