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Religion as a civilizing influence

With more than 35 books under his belt, including The Tyranny of Distance, published in 1966, veteran Australian historian Geoffrey Blainey is well placed to write his latest offering, A Short History of Christianity. Blainey, who was raised a Methodist, took care to walk the tightrope between academic historian and […]

Suppressing the truth about history

The latest furore over the proposed National History Curriculum, which is set to be rolled out to schools across Australia in 2013, is an apparent attempt at symbolic secularism where the familiar terms BC and AD (referring to historical dates “Before Christ” or “Anno Domini,” literally “in the year of […]

Faith and the National Curriculum

In early 2008 the Rudd government set up a National Curriculum Board to develop a national school curriculum for Australia. Documents for key subject areas have now been released, and have attracted strong criticism from educators and churches. Dr Kevin Donnelly, director of the Melbourne-based Education Standards Institute, writing in […]

The King James Bible turns 400

Well, here we are in 2011, and one of the most significant anniversaries this year is the 400th anniversary not of the works of William Shakespeare but of the first edition of the Authorised King James Version of the Bible. Deriving its name from the English monarch who authorised its […]