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On the demise of Exodus International

I heard overnight of the decision by Exodus International to wind up its operations and cease ministering to people wishing to be rid of same sex attraction (see, for example, here and here).  The spiritual and pastoral needs of the LGBTI community have never been greater.  People of same sex attraction […]

Christians and same-sex attraction

Freelance writer Eve Tushnet, the daughter of a liberal Harvard law professor and a former civil rights activist, “came out” as a lesbian as a young teenager. She went off to Yale University, where she attended a meeting of a conservative student group, intending to laugh and ridicule.  Instead, their […]

NSW community programs suffer

The Rev Fred Nile has revealed that, while the O’Farrell government is happy to keep throwing money at the Sydney Mardi Gras, it has slashed funding to important community programs that address real needs. One example is the anti-violence organisation Enough is Enough, led by Ken Marslew whose 18-year-old son […]

The politicisation of foster care

In April I commented on a ruling of the British High Court, which put on hold an application by Owen and Eunice Johns to foster a child because the couple had indicated they would not be able to promote the homosexual lifestyle of a child in their care. The September […]

Truth and compassion together

The NSW Council of Churches opposes the introduction of legislation that undermines the traditional understanding of marriage and family. There are compelling cultural and heritage reasons for this approach, as well as deeply held theological convictions about the nature and purpose of marriage. A strong society needs a strong commitment […]