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Too sexy, too soon

Opponents of the sexualisation of women applauded news this week that men’s magazine FHM is to cease publication. Meanwhile, leading psychiatrist Professor Louise Newman has warned that the emphasis on “sexiness” among children (linked to self-esteem and the ability to make friends) can cause emotional damage. “I have seen young children […]

Melinda Tankard Reist and the feminism debate

You may have heard/read comments, many of them hostile, about Australian anti-porn campaigner Melinda Tankard Reist flying thick and fast in recent days. This attention was generated in the wake of her “outing” as a pro-life feminist with alleged connections to Canberra’s Belconnen Baptist Church, which to atheist bloggers and […]

The addictive web of pornography

At the Sydney launch this week of a new book, Big Porn Inc: Exposing the Harms of the Global Pornography Industry, speaker after speaker stood and described, sometimes in shocking detail, the proliferation and normalisation of pornography, the way it’s become a global industry, and how it shapes our culture […]

Big fat lies about sex

A new book with a provocative title caught my attention this week.  Big Porn Inc: Exposing the Harms of the Global Pornography Industry, edited by Melinda Tankard Reist and Abigail Bray, reveals the ugly side of a powerful global industry that trades in violence, crime, degradation, and the wellbeing of […]