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Churches fight world poverty

Broadcast on 2CH Sydney, 20 Jan 2013 The Anglican Alliance has called on the United Nations to give faith communities a bigger voice in the fight against world poverty. The call comes in the Alliance’s response to the consultation by a high level panel established by the UN to identify […]

Speak out for the poor!

Formal Christian prayers are said at the opening of every parliament in Australia, but that is only a small part of the strong and legitimate Christian presence at the centre of our public life. On August 16, the NSW Parliamentary Prayer Fellowship held its annual luncheon at Parliament House, where […]

Don’t cut foreign aid to the poor

The federal budget will be handed down on 8 May, and as the Gillard Government seeks to meet its commitment to bring the budget back into surplus, there is strong pressure to cut spending. Micah Challenge, a global Christian movement to help reduce poverty with strong links to Australian churches, […]

Abbott to rescind gambling reforms

This week saw federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott predicting a Coalition government will “rescind” any mandatory pre-commitment scheme introduced to deal with problem gambling.  Mr Abbott’s solution seems to be to encourage the clubs and pubs as they fleece Australia’s poorest and most vulnerable families of their hard earned cash, […]