Kevin Rudd on his Christian faith

In view of the series of policy reversals by Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd over the last few weeks, most notably his decision to abort the proposed emissions trading scheme (despite casting climate change as "the greatest moral issue of our time"), I thought it was worth reminding the real world of what Mr Rudd said on air …

Religious freedom and the secular state

In September last year the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) launched a review of freedom of religion and belief in Australia (hereafter FRB). This is a major project involving a process of written submissions, workshops, public hearings and stakeholder meetings, culminating in a report to be presented to the federal government some time in 2010. Rod Benson examines the background and rationale for the review, suggesting that it is driven by a desire to accommodate the needs of Muslim Australians, and a desire to reduce the influence of conservative Christians.

A Christian response to the economic crisis

Historically market capitalism has delivered enormous material benefits to millions, but there are also unintended negative consequences of rapid economic growth such as inefficient distribution of wealth and power, consumerism, and climate degradation. We live in a fallen world, and legislation and regulation are important instruments to protect people and communities from the impact of wrong attitudes and actions

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