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About Rod Benson

Rod Benson inspects New Zealand’s Tasman glacier in 2009 before it disappeared due to anthropocentric climate change.

Rod Benson is Ethicist and Public Theologian at Morling College, Sydney, and Public Affairs Director for the NSW Council of Churches.

An ordained Baptist minister, Rod is the father of three sons and lives in Sydney. His interests include cooking, gardening, political theology, film, literature and poetry, but do not extend to philately or extreme sports. Occasionally he dabbles in social media.

As well as providing lobbying, media and research support for Baptist churches and pastors in NSW and ACT, and around Australia, and representing Baptists in various contexts, Rod has a personal interest in advocacy on behalf of asylum seekers and refugees, climate change action, peace with justice in Palestine and Israel, freedom of religion, and gambling reform.

Since 2009 he has broadcast short political commentaries every Sunday on Sydney radio 2CH (after the news at 8am, 12 noon, 2pm and 5pm), transcripts of which appear here.

If you’re interested in online articles about politics, ethics and religion, here’s a selection Rod plated up earlier for your reading pleasure. If you possess the courage and fortitude to follow his personal tweets, click here. Or there’s his more sedentary “official” Baptist tweets here.  He maintains an active presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

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