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About Rod Benson

Rod Benson enjoying a summer break on New Zealand’s Tasman glacier in 2009.

Rod is an ordained Baptist pastor currently serving as Interim Minister at Lithgow Baptist Church in the NSW Central West, and as Chaplain to Bedford College in Sydney. He is working on a PhD thesis through the University of Divinity examining the theology and spirituality of George Henry Morling.

Previously Rod served as Senior Pastor of Blakehurst Baptist Church, Baptist Chaplain to Macquarie University, Director of the Centre for Christian Ethics, Ethicist and Public Theologian with the Tinsley Institute (Morling College), and Public Affairs Director for the NSW Council of Churches. From 2009-2014 he presented weekly commentary on political and religious issues on Sydney radio station 2CH. He has served in many voluntary roles in church-related agencies, social justice and community services.

Rod lives in Sydney with his wife Emma Goodsir, and has three sons and a step-son. His interests include cooking, gardening, political theology, film, literature and poetry, and he occasionally dabbles in social media. You can connect with Rod here, and on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

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