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The benefits of justification

A sermon by Rod Benson Romans 5:1-11 God planned it. Abraham experienced it. David worshipped in the light of it. Jesus paid for it. The Holy Spirit applies it to us. And we enjoy its unique benefits. I’m talking about justification, the big word Paul uses for a central aspect […]

The richness of God’s grace

A sermon by Rod Benson Five hundred years ago – 500 years last Tuesday, to be precise – the Protestant Reformation began, and the world was changed. Baptists rightly praise the great Reformers, such as Martin Luther, John Calvin, Ulrich Zwingli and others, for their faith and courage, their zeal […]

The wideness of God’s mercy

A sermon by Rod Benson Grace and mercy are well known characteristics of God. They are distinctive characteristics of the God who is revealed in the Bible, the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Grace is one of the ways in which God demonstrates his amazing love. When […]

Statement on Aboriginal reconciliation

The following statement was adopted by resolution of delegates to the Queensland Baptist Convention Annual Assembly on Thursday 11 September 1997. The statement was moved by the General Superintendent of the Baptist Union of Queensland Rev. Dr Stan Solomon and seconded by Senior Pastor Rod Benson of Flinders Baptist Community […]

The power of repentance

A sermon by Rod Benson Jonah 3:1-10 No sooner have Jonah’s wrinkled, fishy hands gripped the coarse sand of a Jewish beach, than he hears the now familiar voice of God once more. It is the same message, the same words – a message previously disregarded, presenting a challenge previously […]