Here are some of my thoughts on academic subjects, contemporary problems and issues, and professional life. Small thoughts, most of them, but I try to put the words together in such an order as to appear cogent, coherent and compelling.

Who is Mother Goose? (28 Jul 2021)

What would George do? Reflections on suffering and faith

Part 1: Suffering and grief in the life of G H Morling (6 Apr 2020)

Part 2: Morling on the causes of suffering (24 Apr 2020)

Part 3: Morling on further causes of suffering (26 Apr 2020)

Part 4: Morling on the purposes of suffering (4 May 2020)

Part 5: Morling on further purposes of suffering (8 May 2020)

Part 6: Morling on suffering and divine providence (12 May 2020)

Part 7: Morling on suffering, providence, and freedom (12 Jul 2020)

Part 8: Morling on suffering, healing and grace (19 Jul 2020)

Part 9: Morling on suffering and glory (3 Aug 2020)

The Theology Whisperer:

01 What is theological education?

02 Everyone is a theologian

03 Have faith, will think

04 Who invented theology?

05 The joy of theological learning

06 What makes Christian theology distinctive?

07 The descriptive task of theology

08 Isn’t theology supposed to be prescriptive?

09 The critical task of theology

10 The constructive task of theology (Part 1)

11 The constructive task of theology (Part 2)

12 The moral task of theology

13 The purpose of theology (part 1)

14 The purpose of theology (part 2)

15 The purpose of theology (part 3)

16 Six rewards of theological study

17 Six risks of theological study

18 What we bring to theology

26 What is critical thinking?

39 What are logical fallacies?

40 How to avoid logical fallacies

41 Five logical fallacies to avoid

65 What is academic research?

67 Five ways to improve focus while studying

68 Five steps to better memory recall

69 Five more steps to better memory recall

So you want to write a literature review

Theological resources

25 books and articles on Martin Luther’s theology

Other articles on academic subjects:

Constructing the theology of G. H. Morling (Aug 2022)

Joy Connor on Baptist social issues

12 books on productivity and time management (Dec 2019)

The use of the Bible in Laudato Si (2015)

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