News & opinion

From 2004 to 2014 I provided media monitoring and research services for clients in my role as an ethicist at the Tinsley Institute.  Here are some of the news and opinion sites I found helpful for that work:

Selected Australian radio and TV

ABC News  (from Australia’s national broadcaster)

AM (the premier morning radio current affairs program)   

PM  (early evening current affairs on ABC radio)

The World Today  (current affairs on ABC radio from noon)

The Drum (analysis and views on the issues of the day)

Insiders (“Australia’s must-watch political program”)

The Project (“News delivered differently”)

Selected Australian newspapers

The Australian (courtesy of Rupert Murdoch and friends)

The Sydney Morning Herald (pale shadow of its great past, from Fairfax)

The Age (the Melbourne equivalent of the SMH, with bonus laneways)

The Canberra Times (the national capital newspaper)

The Guardian Australia (independent journalism and opinion)


On ABC Radio National

ABC Background Briefing

ABC Books & Arts Daily

ABC Counterpoint

ABC Law Report

ABC Philosopher’s Zone

ABC Religion & Ethics Report

ABC The Spirit of Things

Other links

Current Senate inquiries      Current House of Reps inquiries

Australian Christian Lobby blog     ACL (issues)

Centre for Independent Studies   

Institute of Public Affairs   

Centre for Policy Development   

The Conversation

Per Capita  

Australia Institute   

Evatt Foundation  

Online Opinion   


Ethics Daily

The Christian Century    


Centre for Public Christianity

Ethos Centre for Christianity and Society

Arts & Letters Daily  

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