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Statement on Aboriginal reconciliation

The following statement was adopted by resolution of delegates to the Queensland Baptist Convention Annual Assembly on Thursday 11 September 1997. The statement was moved by the General Superintendent of the Baptist Union of Queensland Rev. Dr Stan Solomon and seconded by Senior Pastor Rod Benson of Flinders Baptist Community […]

Rock the boats

Address at a forum on asylum seeker policy, Lake Joondalup Baptist Church, Perth, 21 September 2014 The Bible and refugees In debates about asylum seekers, Christians are often caught up in the groundswell of public opinion, and face the danger of allowing popular fears or political allegiances, rather than biblical […]

John Saunders: Baptist pastor and activist

Speech at the Sydney launch of Ken R. Manley & Barbara Coe (eds), John Saunders: Baptist Pastor and Activist 1834-1848 (Sydney: Greenwood Press, 2014). Rod Benson, 9 August 2014 When Dr Michael Frost addressed a meeting of the Baptist Historical Society two decades ago, on the evangelistic ministry of the […]

Speech at Retail Trading Forum

Australian Technology Park, Sydney, 12 March 2014 I bring you¬†greetings from the Baptist Churches of NSW and the ACT, and from the NSW Council of Churches. My name is Rod Benson. I am an ordained Baptist minister, ethicist, and Public Affairs Director for the NSW Council of Churches. I was […]