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The benefits of justification

A sermon by Rod Benson Romans 5:1-11 God planned it. Abraham experienced it. David worshipped in the light of it. Jesus paid for it. The Holy Spirit applies it to us. And we enjoy its unique benefits. I’m talking about justification, the big word Paul uses for a central aspect […]

A sermon on euthanasia

Job 14:5-13; 2 Peter 1:2-4 When I was asked to preach a topical sermon on the subject of euthanasia, my thoughts turned to the tragic and mysterious Old Testament character named Job. There are many life lessons for us in the Book of Job, many opportunities to pause from frantic […]

The consolation of Job

A sermon by Rod Benson for Seniors Week. Martin Luther called it “magnificent and sublime as no other book in Scripture.”[1] “Considered from a purely literary perspective, the book of Job is the supreme literary achievement of the Old Testament.”[2] Job is a biblical book like no other. Its themes […]

Praying when God is silent

A sermon by Rod Benson Mark 15:21-39 Christians are people who pray. We love prayer. We love answers to prayer. We believe it is vital to our identity as Christians. And yet we are not immune to the malady of unanswered prayer. Is God indifferent to our cries for help, […]

A young person’s wisdom

Sunday 28 October 2001 Job 32-37 Toby Nelson worked as a volunteer chaplain at the site of the demolished twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York. He writes: In between spontaneous comfort and counseling sessions, one could see the enormity of this disaster. TV images and words […]