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How to balance family and thesis writing

So you’re writing a thesis or dissertation, and you want your family and significant relationships to weather the storm. Sounds legit. Here are five points to achieve balance.  It’s not rocket science. 1.  Identify the dynamics of your research project that work against a balanced life (they may not be […]

Why theological method matters

Summary of Brian Harris, “Why method matters: Insights from the theological method of Stanley J. Grenz,” Crucible 2 (1), Nov 2009. Available here. Harris claims that evangelical Christians often view theological method as “the death of spiritual passion, and at best, a dangerous enterprise.”[1]  Similarly, Grenz and Franke note that […]

Wordle of my Master of Theology thesis

Here’s a Wordle image of the full text of my 2010 Master of Theology thesis on “Aspects of social responsibility among Baptists in New South Wales 1834-2009.”   And here’s a Wordle of the first and last chapters (i.e. minus the detailed description and analysis of archival sources), indicating some […]