Love’s as warm as tears

An Easter poem by C. S. Lewis:  Love’s as warm as tears,Love is tears:Pressure within the brain,Tension at the throat,Deluge, weeks of rain,Haystacks afloat,Featureless seas betweenHedges, where once was green Love’s as fierce as fire, 
Love is fire:All sorts–Infernal heatClinkered with greed and pride, 
Lyric desire, sharp-sweet,Laughing, even when denied, 
And that empyreal flame 
Whence …

We haunt our aisles

wheeled sardines purr disgorging economic units sale ends Sunday registers quiver bags take their silent prey and halls of mirrors groan coins rest in a dampened palm beneath her fingernails gold coffee grit bearing the price of suburban peace and absent joy we haunt our aisles © 2014 Rod Benson

An Easter poem by Steve Turner

Have you ever wondered why shops often feature nativity scenes in the lead-up to Christmas, but not crucifixion scenes at Easter?  Poet Steve Turner has thought about this, and here’s what he had to say. Christmas is reallyfor the children.Especially for childrenwho like animals, stables,stars and babies wrappedin swaddling clothes.Then there are wise men,kings in …

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