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The work of Mission Aviation Fellowship

During World War II, light aircraft were used to unleash unprecedented death and destruction. As the war drew to a close, Christian airforce pilots from Australia, New Zealand, England, America and South Africa all began to have the same thought: Why can’t these aircraft now be used to bring life and […]

A Christian view on capital punishment

There are strong arguments for and against capital punishment. Some claim that crimes such as terrorism, drug trafficking or genocide should attract the death penalty. Others view the death penalty as barbaric. In the Old Testament, capital offences included murder (Ex 21:12-14), causing a miscarriage (Ex 21:22-25), cursing one’s parents […]

Should Christians support the death penalty?

As I write, Australian citizens Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran, two of the infamous “Bali Nine,” face imminent execution by firing squad in Indonesia on drug trafficking convictions. Other Australians have faced similar fates, including Kevin Barlow and Brian Chambers, executed in Malaysia in 1986 for drug trafficking; Nguyen Tuong […]

On divorce and remarriage

An occasional paper by Rod Benson, 2006 [statistics revised 2014] Up to half of all marriages in Australia will end in divorce, and most divorcees remarry. For people facing the prospect or the reality of divorce and remarriage today, including many Christians, the Bible appears to offer conflicting or irrelevant […]