We need more conviction politicians

If I were to say to you that politics is an honourable and worthwhile vocation, you might think I’m mad, or simple, or you might just say, “Not in NSW!”

But the fact remains that we need government, and laws, and regulations, and even politicians and elections, to maintain a prosperous, free and well ordered society.

I’d certainly prefer to live in the kind of society we have in Australia rather than a totalitarian hell, or a primitive village.

So I’m glad we have an opportunity, on March 26, to directly participate in the political process by casting our votes for our local political representatives, and for those who will represent us in the NSW Upper House.

Of course, our political system and our politicians are far from perfect. We need more active participation, both inside and outside political parties.  We need stronger, more radical and longterm policies that promote justice and the common good better than they do now. And we need, as Margaret Thatcher put it, more “conviction politicians” who are willing to take a risk and make a real difference, here in NSW, on March 26.

Broadcast on 2CH Sydney, 20 March 2011.

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