Faith and the National Curriculum

An artist's representation of early Sydney Town

In early 2008 the Rudd government set up a National Curriculum Board to develop a national school curriculum for Australia. Documents for key subject areas have now been released, and have attracted strong criticism from educators and churches.

Dr Kevin Donnelly, director of the Melbourne-based Education Standards Institute, writing in Quadrant magazine, said the new curriculum was dumbed down, politically correct, and reinforced an outcomes-based model. In particular, the history curriculum fails to acknowledge the grand narrative associated with the rise of Western civilization, and the importance of Christianity in shaping the modern world.

When Christianity is mentioned in the national history curriculum, it is usually in the context of other religions, and its historical and cultural significance is sidelined.

All Australian schools will be forced to implement this flawed curriculum as a condition of Commonwealth funding – and when that happens, the revisionists will have won.

Broadcast on 2CH Sydney, Sunday 17 April 2011.

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