Too sexy, too soon

Opponents of the sexualisation of women applauded news this week that men’s magazine FHM is to cease publication.

Meanwhile, leading psychiatrist Professor Louise Newman has warned that the emphasis on “sexiness” among children (linked to self-esteem and the ability to make friends) can cause emotional damage.

“I have seen young children becoming quite confused about how to behave with older children and becoming victims of sexual exploitation,” she said.  This is happening in our primary schools, and censorship should be an option because childhood is being eroded.

Professor Newman said research indicated that premature sexualisation in children could have damaging long-lasting effects which impact on future relationships, cause gender role problems, and lead to an inability to make sound judgments.

The demise of FHM magazine may be a victory for women, but the primary reason for falling sales is that more explicit material is available free online.  Our children deserve better.

Broadcast on 2CH Sydney, 18 Mar 2012.

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