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The limits of dissent among Baptists

The Council of the Baptist Union of Great Britain recently spent three days discussing “Women in Leadership among the churches.”  This wasn’t a debate about whether women can exercise ministerial leadership.  That was established back in the 1920s and affirmed many times since. It was about some of the attitudes women encounter when […]

A biblical view of death

Writing on mortality in the journal First Things, graduate philosophy student Anna Mathie relates what she describes as “the most exquisitely sorrowful moment in a book filled with exquisitely beautiful sorrow” (the book is J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings). In the story, Aragorn is at death’s door, and […]

Easter message

The long weekend is almost upon us, offering time to catch our breath and reflect on where we’ve come from and where we’re heading.  We all have hopes for the future – whether private or public, small or large.  What are your hopes for 2010?  What are your hopes for […]

Michael Kirby on sex and the church

Former High Court judge Michael Kirby spoke to a symposium on AIDS and religion this week, arguing that church leaders misrepresent biblical teaching on sexuality, and promote an “irrational hatred of sexual minorities.”  He claimed “the stigma over sexual conduct often taught by religious people” was “a major cause of […]

The danger of social media

It has led to racial vilification, and the suicide of a Victorian police officer, and cast a shadow over a large number of Victorian police, including senior officers.  I’m talking about a graphic email image of torture along with offensive racist text that’s been circulating among Victorian police.  Simply abhorrent, […]