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Outcomes (by Michael Leunig)

The world is full of outcomes Each day delivers more At breakfast time there’s only two By lunchtime there are four. By dinnertime there will be eight At bedtime there’s sixteen; So many, many outcomes and I don’t know what they mean And so we live our lives away With […]

Statistical perspective on ‘boat people’

Possum Comitatus offers perhaps the most eloquent and compelling argument against ‘boat people’ hysteria that I’ve read. It’s essentially a graphical representation, so go to the website. Here’s a text grab: Yesterday we had SBY address our Parliament – the leader of a country of 230 million people, heading a […]

Religious perspectives on embryo donation

My co-authored paper, “Religious perspectives on embryo donation and research,” has been published in Clinical Ethics, the journal of the Royal Society of Medicine. Well done to the team and contributors in what turned out to be a laborious process! Here’s the abstract: The success of assisted reproductive technologies (ARTs) worldwide has […]

When conversion fractures families

Isn’t it tragic when religious belief divides families and communities?  Often there is acrimony, and shame, and more than a little self-righteousness on the part of both parties. Last year, Sri Lankan teenager Rifqa Bary fled her parents’ home for Florida, alleging persecution for having converted from Islam to Christianity.  […]

Tony Abbott on capital punishment

We’ve heard a lot from Tony Abbott in the three months since he became federal Opposition Leader.  He is a seasoned player, a likeable bloke, and a “conviction politician.” We know his views on abortion and premarital sex.  Now he has spoken out on capital punishment, observing that some crimes […]