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A happy ending

A sermon by Rod Benson Ruth 4:1-22 Call me David. And let me tell you a story from the time before my birth, in the days when the judges ruled Israel. Life is closing in for me, and I’m not long for this world. As you know, I am the […]

Being single, being Christian

A sermon by Rod Benson Twelve days ago, I stepped off a subway train at 15th Street in central Philadelphia, in search of the Clothespin, a large public sculpture created by Claes Oldenburg in 1976. I ascended the subway stairs to street level, and emerged in the sunlight, facing the […]

On divorce and remarriage

An occasional paper by Rod Benson, 2006 [statistics revised 2014] Up to half of all marriages in Australia will end in divorce, and most divorcees remarry. For people facing the prospect or the reality of divorce and remarriage today, including many Christians, the Bible appears to offer conflicting or irrelevant […]

A pastoral response to same sex marriage

A sermon preached at Toongabbie Baptist Church, Sydney, 28 September 2014 Genesis 1:27-2:1; Romans 12:18-21  In an episode of The Simpsons, Springfield’s mayor calls for ideas to promote tourism, and Lisa Simpson suggests allowing same-sex marriages. The idea is approved and Springfield becomes the place to be for same-sex nuptials. […]