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Famous quotes on the Eyjafjallajökull eruption

Pat Robertson: “It’s God punishing Europe for having abandoned their Christian history!”

Joel Osteen: “If you just have enough faith, it will stop erupting.”

Tim LaHaye: “It’s a fulfillment of Revelation 6:15-16. Watch out for falling airplanes!”

Hal Lindsey: “It’s the end times and directly caused by Satan. Didn’t you see all those ‘ell’s in its name?”

Ahmedinejad: “There is no volcano erupting. It’s a Western plot to oppress Muslims in Europe.”

Sarah Palin: “Obama did it. It’s to make us want socialized medicine. I can see it from my house.”

Jesse Jackson: “It’s the neo-Nazis. The white supremacists just want to make people associate blackness with evil and violence again!”

The Taliban: “It’s an outrage. What that lady needs is a head covering. Keep a lid on her!”

The Dalai Lama: “Speak peace in the midst of the storm. Either it will go away or you will learn to cope with it better.”

John Lennon: “Imagine there’s no volcano.”

Hugh Hefner: “Now that’s an eruption!”

James Taylor: “I see fire and I see rain (of ash).”

Jane Fonda: “Make love, not lava.”

Craig Blomberg: “I just hope my family still gets to come to see me this summer!”

Brian Houston: “I’m believing for an end to the ash so that Bobby and I can head back to Paris, London, Kiev and New York next week.”

Jesus: “Do you think that these Europeans were worse sinners than all the others because they suffered this way? I tell you, no! But unless you repent, you too will all perish.”

Feel free to add your own additions!

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