Mr Rudd’s great big moral issue

When someone claims to be a Christian, and attends church every Sunday, and identifies climate change as “the greatest moral challenge of our time,” and then backs away from policies to address the issue, questions arise about their moral compass. 

Just last week the Prime Minister assured us that climate change remained on his government’s agenda, and that an emissions trading scheme (ETS) was the most efficient and effective means by which we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions with the least cost to the economy.

But now Mr Rudd has shelved his ETS until at least 2013, fearing that it would cost too much in its first years, and fearing Tony Abbott’s criticism of it as “a great big new tax.”

What we need, and expect, from our politicians is strong moral leadership – something that appears to be alarmingly absent from the corridors of power in Canberra as another federal election approaches. 

Broadcast on 2CH Sydney, Sunday 2 May 2010.

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