Compassion can show the way

By Rod Benson

Christian author Max Lucardo knows how to write a book.  He’s sold more than 65 million.  And he loves to talk about his faith, and argue with atheists.  But several years ago musician Tai Anderson asked Lucardo a challenging question: “When your great grandchildren learn that you lived in a day in which a billion people were hungry and 27,000 people die every day of preventable diseases, how would they gauge your response?”

The question shocked him into action. 

“When the church argues back with society,” says Lucardo, “I don’t know if we get very far.  But if our passion is to help the poor and the forgotten, you cannot argue with that.”

He says he’s excited about the idea of churches as champions of compassion.  Of course, Christians everywhere have been quietly, courageously and sacrificially doing that for centuries.  As St Francis said, “Preach the good news at all times, and when necessary use words.” 

Broadcast on 2CH Sydney, 17 October 2010.

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