Support the Micah Challenge

The Micah Challenge is a Christian movement that seeks to put into practice the biblical teaching on justice, mercy and compassion through lobbying and advocacy in support of the UN Millennium Development Goals, at local and global levels.

Here in Australia, the Micah Challenge has seen strong support from Christians young and old, from a wide range of churches, and its innovative and persistent campaigns have drawn the interest and respect of politicians across the political spectrum.

Recent campaigns included “Survive Past Five,” now in its sixth year, and an event on 10/10/10 to reaffirm commitment to fighting poverty in all its forms.

Both major parties made an election commitment last June to contribute 0.5% of Gross National Income to overseas aid by 2015, which is encouraging.  Child mortality under the age of five declined by 700,000 last year; and the estimated number of women dying due to pregnancy and childbirth dropped from 500,000 to around 350,000.  All good news, but Micah Challenge deserves your continued support. 

Broadcast on 2CH Sydney, 30 Jan 2011.

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