Where is Australian society heading?

This year has been an extraordinary year. It’s far from over, but already we have seen natural disasters of enormous scope and severity, wars and revolutions we could never have predicted, political tension and change here and abroad.

On the moral front there are profound concerns by people of faith over proposals to redefine marriage, concerns shared by others who are beginning to realise just what will be lost if we lose the current understanding of marriage to the same sex agenda.

A recent survey found that four million Australians consume alcohol in order to get drunk. Woolworths owns more poker machines than the Adelaide casino. The Victorian police commissioner says parenting has become a lost skill.

Where is Australian society heading? How is it with you and your family? This Easter weekend, take time to pause and reflect on the challenges and opportunities you face, and with God’s help determine to make a difference in your world. Happy Easter!

Broadcast on 2CH Sydney, Sunday 24 April 2011.

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