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N.T. Wright on the death penalty

Here’s what British bishop and New Testament scholar N.T. Wright wrote in a recent piece for The Washington Post:

You can’t reconcile being pro-life on abortion and pro-death on the death penalty. …

Mind you, there is in my view just as illogical a position on the part of those who solidly oppose the death penalty but are very keen on the ‘right’ of a woman (or couple) to kill their conceived but not yet born child…

From where many of us in the UK sit, American politics is hopelessly polarized. All kinds of issues get bundled up into two great heaps. The rest of the world, today and across the centuries, simply doesn’t see things in this horribly oversimplified way…

While we’re about it, how many folk out there were deeply moved both by the reading of the 9/11 victim names and by the thought that if they’d read the names of Iraqi civilians killed by your country and mine over the last ten years we’d have been there for several days?

A Christian moral perspective well worth considering.  For the record, I agree with everything Wright says above.

An earlier version of this comment was broadcast on 2CH Sydney, Sunday 2 October 2011.

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