Help end human trafficking

Today is Abolitionist Sunday, celebrated in churches around Australia, with a focus on human trafficking and slavery – the buying and selling of people for exploitative labour or sexual slavery.

Trafficking enslaves around 27 million people today, in countries worldwide.  Men, women and children are all vulnerable to human trafficking, driven by the demand for cheap goods and services produced by ever cheaper labour.

It’s a consequence of poverty, discrimination and powerlessness where the strong prey on the weak and vulnerable.  Consumers are often unaware that trafficked and exploited labour has been used to produce their goods.

The Christian gospel teaches us about God’s plan to restore and renew the broken relationships we see around us.  Human trafficking is a primary example of relationships requiring restoration.

By changing our own daily choices to minimise demand for exploited labour, we can shed light on the injustice and change the way our society values people.

Broadcast on 2CH Sydney, 20 November 2011.

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