Alcohol sale reform in NSW

The NSW Government may be fast asleep when it comes to gambling reform, and Premier Barry O’Farrell has in the past resisted moves to curb excessive alcohol consumption.

But many in our community will welcome a new bill, introduced by the government, to encourage the responsible sale of alcohol by establishing a three-strikes disciplinary system for licenced venues where there have been multiple breaches of the Liquor Act.

The bill targets “rogue” licensees and licenced venues that are repeatedly linked with violent behaviour or refuse to respect existing laws.  Liquor licences can be revoked or suspended, or conditions may be placed on a liquor license, which would have a direct impact on the viability of the store or venue.

Alcohol is a popular drug that is easily accessed and easily misused.  It is responsible for street violence, family violence, health problems and poverty.  The O’Farrell Government is to be commended for this small positive step toward harm minimisation.

Broadcast on 2CH Sydney, 20 November 2011.

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