ACL unrepresentative, say Victorians

In a direct attack on the Australian Christian Lobby, the Victorian Council of Churches this week expressed dismay at what it called “the one-sided portrayal of Christianity” in the Australian media.

The Victorian Council of Churches described its role as “acknowledging a variety of emphases” and enabling “a safe environment to prayerfully discuss and discern theologically differing viewpoints.”

Well and good.  But the media often need a clear statement of what the Bible teaches on an issue, or what the churches believe, or how ordinary Christians feel about this or that public issue.

And that’s precisely what the Australian Christian Lobby provides, especially on issues where the church is reluctant to speak with confidence and conviction.

Of course the ACL is not the authoritative voice of the churches, but it addresses issues and takes risks that other religious organisations are often reluctant or unable to deal with due to internal politics, or a liberal interpretation of traditional beliefs and values.  And therein lies the primary reason for the existence of the Australian Christian Lobby.

Broadcast on 2CH Sydney, 18 December 2011.

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