Ethics needs a strong philosophical foundation

The NSW Government is conducting an inquiry into the proposed repeal of legislation to allow ethics classes to be taught in state schools.  The NSW Council of Churches has called for significant legislative reforms including an independent review of the controversial classes with a report to Parliament before the date of the next state election.

Christians believe that God has revealed himself to humankind in Creation, in the Bible, and through Jesus Christ, and that this divine revelation provides the best foundation for ethical deliberation and moral development.

The Council cannot support any school ethics program that deliberately prohibits a child from learning certain spiritual and ethical truths when forming his or her moral compass.

The prospect of large numbers of young children determining their own basis for morality and ethical decision making, intentionally excluded from proper consideration of the Christian foundations for ethics, is a problem for society and not a solution.

Broadcast on 2CH Sydney, 18 Mar 2012.

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  1. Rod Benson’s comment on 2CH today (1 April 2012) would appear to have cast me, a Christian, and all Christians (many of them Baptists, and Rod’s brothers in Christ) who work in the coal/power industry as evil. To contrast preserving native forests on the one hand with coal-fired power on the other in respect of right and wrong ethics, was an imprimatur aspersion on all who work in this industry.

    Rod, a self-avowed “tree-hugger” as implicit in his comment, must go back to his Bible again to find out what is real sin. If he believed his Bible, he would also know that coal is not outside the carbon-cycle (one of the fallacies of the greens), but was once thriving plant life laid down in the flood of Noah’s time, and via (God-given) combustion is simply being recycled. Cutting down native trees, nor burning coal, are not sins. The Temple in Jerusalem, in which was God’s presence in the cloud, was built with native timbers (cedar).

    If Rod were to have a tempering discussion with Cardinal Pell, one of the outstanding Christian spokemen for our generation and a bane of climate extremists, this may not go astray in this regard.

    Christians must not be led astray into other movements saving the earth. Ours is the only one – Jesus’ death for our sins on a cross is what saves mankind.

    1. I posted P Neal’s comment simply for the ROFL. I dare anyone to engage with that mammoth intellect.

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