Australians rely on the Christian tradition

Some people want to keep faith out of our schools, and some insist that politics and religion should be firmly and forever separate.  But that way of thinking is culturally impoverished and intellectually bankrupt.

The Christian faith has profoundly shaped Australian society, has a central place in Australian life today, and will continue to shape our great nation for generations to come. Politicians and policy makers must resist pressure by atheist and secularist lobby groups to excise Christian doctrine and history from the minds and hearts of young Australians, from our books and screens, from our education curriculum, and from our parliaments.

What these groups offer in place of a comprehensive education, and a well-rounded citizenship, is an arid alternative fostering an apparently arbitrary moralism without proper foundations that will starve our communities of the opportunity for genuine human flourishing. All Australians rely on the strengths of the Christian tradition, whether they know it or not.

Broadcast on 2CH Sydney, 25 Mar 2012.

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