Moral issues not determined by public opinion

Euthanasia campaigner Philip Nitschke is a wanted man.  Police in South Australia want to question him in relation to the death of a woman at Victor Harbor, south of Adelaide, in December. Dr Nitschke says the woman, who suffered from motor neurone disease, contacted him to gain access to the euthanasia drug Nembutal, which is illegal.

Dr Nitschke says the woman found another way to obtain the drug that ended her life, and acknowledged that penalties for assisted suicide were “savage.”

Moral issues are not determined by public opinion. If a majority of drivers think it’s okay to exceed the speed limit, that does not make it right.  If a majority of people think it’s okay to diddle their taxes, that does not mean the tax laws should be relaxed.

A society is judged by the way it treats its most vulnerable, and there are very good reasons why Australians continue to say an emphatic “No” to euthanasia.

Broadcast on 2CH Sydney, 25 Mar 2012.

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