Benefits of Bible reading

Christians have always known the benefits of reading and meditating on verses from the Bible.  Now research conducted by the U.S.-based Center for Bible Engagement has shown daily Bible reading to be the single most powerful predictor of spiritual growth.

Key findings of the global survey of more than 100,000 people indicate that if a person engages the Bible four or more times a week, their likelihood of giving in to temptations significantly decreases, and reading Scripture for or more times a week decreases a person’s odds of struggling with issues such as bitterness, destructive thinking about yourself or others, and feelings of discouragement.

Inspired by these results, the Bible Society Australia is offering to send you a free daily email with a short Bible passage and one or two reflective questions. Try it – it might just change your life.

There’s a link to the resource on the front page of the NSW Council of Churches website.  Or click here.

Broadcast on 2CH Sydney, 2 September 2012.

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