Safe spaces for kids

Broadcast on 2CH Sydney, 6 Jan 2013.

Part of the price of living in the modern world is the need for an increasing rule-based culture, no more so than in the church. John Sandeman from Eternity newspaper has listed ten rules local churches should consider to ensure child protection:

  1. Follow your denomination’s Safe Church rules.
  2. Always have at least two leaders present for child-based activities.
  3. Keep the door open when doing one to one ministry.
  4. Don’t pressure people to volunteer for children’s ministry.
  5. Design your building so passers-by can see into rooms.
  6. Install good outdoor lighting.
  7. Work with state authorities and know your reporting responsibilities.
  8. Be vigilant about connections that develop between adults and children off church property.
  9. Make sure parents and children know how to report suspicious activity.
  10. Foster a positive culture: if children don’t expect to be believed, they are less likely to report abuse.

You can be sure churches that follow these rules take child safety seriously.

I’m Rod Benson for the NSW Council of Churches.

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