Conference papers by Rod Benson

“Growth in grace as a control belief for theological method,” paper presented to the Commission on Christian Ethics, Baptist World Alliance, Ocho Rios, Jamaica, 2 Jul 2013.

“Challenges and opportunities facing Australian voters at the 2013 federal election,” keynote address to Christian Democratic Party National Conference, Merroo NSW, 11 Aug 2012.

“Bioethics and Scripture in Catholic and evangelical perspective,” address to the Christian Care Network of Australia Conference, Sydney, 29 Jun 2012.

“Cooperating to reverse the deterioration in work-life balance,” speech at the launch of the Take the Time campaign, Trades Hall, Sussex St, Sydney, 20 Apr 2012.

“Follow the wild goose,” response to a paper presented by William M. Tillman titled “The Spirit of Christ and Creation,” Commission on Christian Ethics, Baptist World Alliance, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 7 Jul 2011.

“A short history of the Social Issues Committee,” address to the Baptist Historical Society of NSW, Sydney, 4 Nov 2010.

“Stewardship and hospitality: The ethics of tourism,” address to Focus Group 15, Baptist World Congress, Honolulu, Hawaii, 29 Jul 2010.

“A biblical view of death,” keynote address to the Christian Perspectives on End of Life Issues Conference, Centre for Apologetic Scholarship and Education, New College, University of NSW, Sydney, 27 Mar 2010.

“Cooperation and cobelligerence between NSW Baptists and other faith communities since 1970,” paper presented to the Interfaces: Baptists and Others ICOBS/ABRF Conference, Whitley College, Melbourne, 17 Jul 2009.

“Christian approaches to war in the light of the biblical command not to kill,” address to a meeting of the Council of Christians and Jews, Great Synagogue, Sydney, 12 Mar 2009.

“Sex, stereotypes and Scripture,” address at the launch of Beyond Stereotypes: Christians and Homosexuality (Australian Evangelical Alliance, 2009), Robert Menzies College, Sydney, 30 Apr 2009.

“Key principles for human flourishing,” keynote address at Can Christians Make a Difference? Conference, Family Voice Australia, Sydney, 20 Sep 2008.

“Sacred gift or secular commodity? Human trafficking and human rights,” paper presented to the Christian Ethics Commission, Baptist World Alliance General Council, Prague, Czech Republic, 24 Jul 2008.

“The professional and personal witness of the Reverend John Saunders in Sydney, 1834-1842,” Inaugural John Saunders Lecture, Baptist Churches of NSW & ACT, Morling College, Sydney, 1 May 2008.

“Corrupting technology: An integrity check on the organ transplant industry,” paper presented to the Christian Ethics Commission, Baptist World Alliance General Council, Accra, Ghana, 25 Jul 2007.

“Reading virtues and the virtues of reading: Negotiating fictional morality and narrative ethics in The Chronicles of Narnia,” paper presented to C.S. Lewis Today Conference, New College, University of NSW, Sydney, 5 May 2006.

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