Repentance for ecological sins

Were you one of the thousands who participated in Hope for Creation last Sunday?  Hope for Creation is an opportunity to engage as people of faith in an ongoing public conversation too long dominated by science and politics.  Last weekend, Christians around Australia joined others in 50 countries to pray about the negative impact of climate change in our world.

Claire Dawson blogged on her church’s response.  She writes:

Taking time to recapture a sense of God’s immense delight in all that he has made, his great and infinite care and his provision through Christ to one day mend all things has an amazing capacity to re-energise those of us who might otherwise despair in the face of the immense challenge of climate change.  And now, we move forward in hopeful repentance, doing what we can to make amends and to make a difference.

We need more people like Claire, to lead the way in responsible creation care. 

Broadcast on 2CH Sydney, 13 November 2011.

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  1. Yes, the Earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it. However, it is a cause for great concern if the Church should be so hasty as to adopt all the Green agenda that is so prominent in the media at present. I am part way through re- reading George Orwell’s classic “1984” and the ‘doublethink, Ministry of Truth’ and related twisting of terminology cause me great concern in today’s very one-sided ‘debate’ on so-called ‘Anthropogenic Global Warming’ a phrase that has morphed into more dishonest areas of speech, such as Climate Change, which has a warm and cuddly feeling attached but is in fact the opposite of what it means to the pushers of this gravy train. My extensive reading on the subject points to a serious dishonesty by pseudo-scientists and politicians arguing for a non-case on AGW and for a so-called ‘Carbon Tax’ (really a tax on CO2 – an essential element in all growing plants!). Both the Australian ABC and the BBC are very uncritical of the massive evidence that the causes are not man-made in any measurable detail. I fear that the Church, in just following the trendy in-crowd are actually diluting the Bible truth about Planet Earth. Does that mean we walk away from being genuine conservators of God’s creation? Absolutely not, therefore, we must be especially careful not to get sucked into emotive positions that are not supported by scientific facts rather than Gaian theology and cultic worship of Nature.

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